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Rise and shine! Welcome to a new day. I am sure that you all have been eagerly awaiting all of the election results as I have. We are still waiting to hear who Alaska will be sending to the senate….

But no, I am not about to say how happy I am that O’Donnell will not be embarrassing conservatives or Christians on CSPAN, but I am about to show you why democracy is awesome.

Pot is a NO-GO in California.

I hear Best Buy will be having a sale to get rid of the pallets of Phish and Grateful Dead albums they had standing by.

Happy Meals are Illegal in San Francisco

If we outlaw burgers, only the outlaws will get fat.

You will see a guy in a poncho; his name is Hank. He will take you to the Whopper lair.

Even more work for the Hamburglar.

So many jokes.

UFOs are Still Free to Terrify Us

The Democrats were defeated, but the martians will be back.

Steven Colbert is the Man

How do you spell “Murkowski?”

All Politics is Local

Interesting Michigan congressional race that was featured on This American Life this past weekend.

I can’t wait until 2012. It is going to be an interesting one.

(Check out FrumForum, where I found some of these stories.)


I have spent the last four days driving around the state collecting aphids. It has been great. I have not found as many as I wanted, but I have been able to catch up on my NPR news. Being in the field is wonderful on many levels, but my ability to listen to Diane Rehm is sufficiently hindered while counting aphids.


Today the news centered on two things- First the newly capped BP gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Second, the Republicans stalling the extension of federal unemployment benefits.

These two things have been very interesting and have made me consider some things.

Let me first state my position- I am a conservative. I am fiscally and socially conservative, but there are some things I am aligned with the left on, primarily the environment. I am the type of person who values both the first AND the second amendment. I would not call myself a republican- I would shudder to voluntarily categorize myself with Dick Cheney and Bill O’Reily. I did not vote for Obama, but I want him to succeed. I want his plans to work. I don’t think the solutions to problems he offers are right, but I want to see him try and I want them to succeed. I do not think he is trying to dismantle our nation, I just think he is overly optimistic and unrealistic. Many conservatives would say that I have been duped and he is slowly taking my freedoms. I respond by saying that even if I don’t assume the person in my house is trying to rob me I can keep an eye on him anyway. I am watching, but I am not attributing his every move to malice as many do.


I have noticed something very frustrating- republicans complaining about the oil spill and the deficit and democrats remaining quiet on the same issues. Both things that would not occur if a repbulican were in office.

Imagine, if you will, the outcry from democrats if George Bush were to allow BP to respond slowly and inadequately to the massive disaster that is currently playing out in the gulf. We would hear about how GW does not care about the environment and that the oil companies are getting off easy. I am not saying that liberals are not mad about the spill, I just think the outcry would be amplified if a republican were in the oval office. Conservatives have been vocal about Obama’s lack of leadership, which I think is an issue, but the fact that conservatives are caring about the environment seems like a joke. The Palin “Drill Baby, Drill” contingent is now eerily quiet.


Republicans are stalling the renewing of unemployment benefits and democrats are frustrated. The reason- republicans do not want to make the deficit larger.

My question- did that stop spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan? Apparently some things are better to go into debt for than others…

Democrats are just as hypocritical- I have not heard anybody complaining  about the Obama administration basically continuing the same policies in the middle east as Bush.

My frustrations stem around the feeling that no matter what happens, the same arguing and bickering will erupt. Nobody want to make things better, they just want to win, government is not about winning but sadly politics is.


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