I have been taking photographs like a fiend over the past couple of weeks here.

I am doing some work for my friend, Doug Mains over the past week or so. I am in Doug’s band and he is a good friend, so it is great to take pictures with him. Here are a couple I did. We took around 500 photos in one night and got a ton of good ones.

If anybody wants to have a photo session, let me know. I would love to start doing senior photos and engagement pictures etc. I would charge a reasonable fee to help with the purchase of photography supplies (read “new lenses”) and give unlimited access to a private flickr album from where you can order prints of just download the images. I looked at one photographer today who charged $60 for a one hour sitting in one location, plus $14 per 8×10 inch print or $400 for a CD with all the images. What I am offering is a steal. So if anybody is interested, let me know.

For more photos, check out my portfolio on flickr.



If interested, see more on my Flickr.



I don’t know why, but I am in a very poetic mood.

I have been feeling a wee bit melancholy and philosophical as of late… Maybe the fact I have been reading some Eliot and Dawkins simultaneously has something to do with it.


I always feel a little narcissistic publishing poems, but hey, nobody is making you read it.


The Wright

you are free to fly

so fly to me

let it go

and let it be

washed away in the blustering sea

rasped by sand in the violent breeze


hello I call

hello I call and yet you seem

to act as if you do not hear

hello I call and yet you seem

to be oblivious to my scream

I cannot pretend to be pacified

my love cannot be denied

a love I bled

drained me dry

a love I bled

until I died


I would do it again

and again

but once was enough

it had to be

if not there is no hope

if once was not enough

it could not be done at all

I have made a way

fashioned a vessel

by my hands

by my skill

the wood

the nails

my hands bleeding from the work

my passion poured into the vessel

crowned the king of the shipbuilders


living in the belly of the great wooden fishes

weaving the planks along the skeletons


patron of the craft

many tried before

many try since

to swim

to fashion a raft

from the decaying jetsam

that suits their desires

to cling to that

which is the product of nature

not above it

able to withstand it

from within

elemental to the foundation

I watch

I wait

my boat sits

empty on the shore

waiting to be

the salvation


the public library

the whitewashed walls of the bastion of knowledge

standing in the midst of the world of

uneducated unwashed poorly bred

as a beacon of the well read

clean shaven

Dewey decimated

It was replicated

organizing the collective wisdom in the world

bursting at the seams

a temple dedicated to educating the masses

middle aged eyes watch behind bifocled glasses

as the world trickles in

to set hands on the volumes

the thirsty cavalcade

this mission carried for decades




this would seem to be the savior

the tool to spread the knowledge held

But what it really spelled

the influx

the surge

the need

the death knell

the library became

the gate to the world

through cable and wire

the masses came in

to read

to watch

to do

but what happened

the computer became to gate into the library

the bufotic man looking at dating profiles

the grandmother reading fox news

the middle aged man


nose against the screen


as the cannon blasts the balloons in the online game

the librarians watch

as the books they love are being replaced by plastic

thin tablets

devoid of the organic luster of paper


they hemorrhage into the ether

as the unclean washes in to take its place

what was the temple of wisdom

is now the brothel of information

This used to freak me out as a kid. Now I am freaked out again. I wonder if this dude ate topsoil as well.

Where the heck I have been

The past several weeks have been very hectic.

I decided in the middle of July to begin study for the MCAT and begin applying for medical schools. This may seem a little odd to some people to go from entomology to medicine. There is actually a lot of cross over. Ever heard of Asthma? How about the deadliest animal in the world?

It has actually been on my mind quite a bit and I just recently decided it is something that I wanted to tackle. So I am battling with a large book and a battalion of flashcards to re-learn all of the physics, biology and chemistry I learned in four years of college. Today is oficially one month away from the test date. Wish me luck.




In the midst of studying I have been up to my neck in research which has been slightly painful. Aphid numbers across the US are very low this year. It is difficult to study how to control a pest if it does not show up. But I have been able to gather some good data in spite of it all and do have some good projects coming to a close. As those are completed I will share snippets here for all to read.

I had a fun time today when my crew was caught in a downpour while in a corn field today.  We were getting wet but my research, sadly, was not going to count itself. I was able to fashion a shelter between our cages using nothing but a tarp, twist ties, and corn stalks. Rest assured- corn will hold up to the test of a heavy rain and will help keep you dry. I felt a small bit of pride from my use of the surroundings. If I am ever stranded in a corn field with a tarp and twist ties, I know what to do.

DSC_0025.jpgI am about three weeks away from the winding down of the field season.  We are weeks ahead of schedule in terms of heat units, so hopefully I should be able to get harvest done early and start writing my thesis. I may go into a cave and emerge four months later with a rough draft.

This has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever read.

At least there are some people on Craigslist that have some sense of humor.

Here is the ad-

Vintage Bike in fair condition —Free (Northern Michigan Woods)

Vintage Bicycle in fair condition. Some rust but will clean up well with wire brush and elbow grease. Some parts possibly missing. Bring your own chainsaw.

  • Location: Northern Michigan Woods
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


Special thanks to Noah McLaren.

If anyone wants to know what I am thinking about when I set up a playlist for an event, here it is.


Another in the line of Craigslist love-hate posts.

The post says-


I have 2 iphones
Both in great condition
Have the screen protector and back covers.
Only had them for 3 weeks.
3g 16gig
Like to get 225 each.
Will negotiate a little.
Open For Trades.



Choose the best option-

This ad is either:

A. A scam

B. Someone trying to sell hot goods

C. Someone legitimately trying to sell 2 iPhones that they only had for 3 weeks and that work perfectly well

D. None of the above


What do we think?



P.s. Shout out to Pete Nelson who has been tipping me off to some great Ads… sadly by the time I get to them they are deleted.

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