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Last week I helped to install several bee hives with Dr. Pett, one of the professors from the entomology department here at MSU. I snapped some photos of the event and took a video documenting the event. Within the next couple of days we will put up a version with narration. I wanted to use Bloodbuzz Ohio as the soundtrack… but, you know.



I have been taking photographs like a fiend over the past couple of weeks here.

I am doing some work for my friend, Doug Mains over the past week or so. I am in Doug’s band and he is a good friend, so it is great to take pictures with him. Here are a couple I did. We took around 500 photos in one night and got a ton of good ones.

If anybody wants to have a photo session, let me know. I would love to start doing senior photos and engagement pictures etc. I would charge a reasonable fee to help with the purchase of photography supplies (read “new lenses”) and give unlimited access to a private flickr album from where you can order prints of just download the images. I looked at one photographer today who charged $60 for a one hour sitting in one location, plus $14 per 8×10 inch print or $400 for a CD with all the images. What I am offering is a steal. So if anybody is interested, let me know.

For more photos, check out my portfolio on flickr.


If interested, see more on my Flickr.


I love taking pictures of people. For some reason getting them caught on “film” is wonderful.

I love taking natural photos of people, the less “modely” they look the better.

I’m hoping to eventually do senior photos etc….


Here are two photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks that happen to look like they belong together, so I have placed them together here for your viewing enjoyment.




Check out the originals on Flickr.

I met a really cool dog in Plymouth the other day. It was an Irish Terrier. I want five.


It’s a blue bird!


_DSC0027, originally uploaded by MikeKates.

Practicing antiquating photos. I’m pretty happy with this one.

I can’t get away from birds.
They are so much fun to take pictures of.


Originally uploaded by MikeKates

Hey, just testing out my Flickr account settings and decided I should put something up, it has been a while.

Hey all,
A couple pictures that I took today, hard to get away from bird pictures and no lomo effects allowed for at least a week.

Flying Shamita
Little Big Red

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