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Daniel Jalkut just tweeted that he had some stickers to give away featuring logos from his fantastic software company, Red Sweater Software. I decided it was a good time to tell people about his great work.

I thought I would take a moment to suggest that anyone that writes a blog on a Mac shoud be using his fantastic MarsEdit (App Store Link) text editor/blogging swiss army knife. His software has recently made its way onto the Mac App Store. This is one of my two favorite third party OSX applications, the other being Scrivener.

I am somebody who likes to have software that is as simple yet as flexible as possible. I want to not have to think about what am doing while I am doing it. MarsEdit allows you to write your blog without having to think about the process. You just write, edit, and publish.

The program has good media management so adding photos is very easy. Quite often I do have to tweak settings from the WordPress side just to make things look right but for the most part this program makes it possible to write and post with minimal stress. I love taking my laptop on the road, writing, and having my posts be ready to go whenever the internet is available.

MarsEdit makes it so you can post to multiple blogs (I use it for 4) with ease. I am sure the program does way more than I use it for but I have been so happy with what I does I have not needed to mess with it. It just works.

To top it all off, Daniel is (as far as I can tell) a quality guy. I have written him over email and twitter and he has responded quickly, professionally, and warmly. He is in my mind a great example of quality customer service.

If you do any blogging on a Mac, have any appreciation for great software, or want to help out an amazing small business, buy any of his stuff. He has several products including a crossword application, an ear training aid, as well as several other cool applications. Check them out. Worth every penny.


Today Apple released the newest version of the Mac Mini.

This computer has always been underrated in terms of power and value. After looking at the unboxing gallery at Engadget I think this thing may be the best designed computer out of Cupertino to date. The thing is absolutely gorgeous.

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